BFT AKTA A30 Photocells

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All operation and obstacle detection is based on infrared emissions: your photoelectric cells are designed in pairs, one emitting cell and one receiving cell: the emitting cell will emit a light beam to the receiving cell. If this beam disappears, it is a sign that an obstacle is hindering the closing of your motorization system: your motorization will then be stopped by the photoelectric cells.

Technical characteristics of BFT AKTA A30 photocells

BFT AKTA A30 photocells are cells that can be rotated 180 ° horizontally and 20 ° vertically. They are ideal for outdoor use to be able to better detect obstacles on your gates or garage doors. They operate at a range of 30m and require a 24 Vac/dc power supply. If you want to install your cells on PHP type columns, you will need to provide a PHP ADA adapter. Their installation is known to be quick and easy. Regarding the contact range, it is 30V. To connect the contacts, we advise you to carefully observe the diagrams provided in the manual. If you observe any malfunctions, it could be due to interference caused by the presence of other infrared emissions near your photocells.

BFT AKTA A30 photoelectric cells are made up of a case entirely designed for outdoor use: it is, therefore, resistant to water splashes and dust (thanks to an IP45 degree of protection). Your photocells will also be able to face high temperatures (up to + 55 ° C) and very low (-20 ° C). Be careful, even if the range can reach 30m, it can be greatly reduced in the event of snow, fog or rain. They are also very compact and benefit from adequate dimensions for optimized discretion (130 x 45 x 43 mm).

Technical information




24 V


TX: 12mA
RX: 10mA at rest / 15mA max


30V / 1A




-20/ +55




130 x 45 x 43 (H x W x D)


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